Exclusive: Tayshia Adams on That Lengthy, Mid-Finale Pause

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Tayshia Adams will be walking down the aisle with Zac Clark! The future bride spoke to People CHICA about The Bachelorette finale and her new life with the man she chose as her winner. "We're running on zero sleep, it's been a whirlwind of emotions," she says. "We are so happy that the news is finally out and we can be us." Adams says it was a blessing to be able to watch the finale of the show with family. "It was such a special proposal. He's really smooth with his words."

In the final few minutes of the episode, there was a nerve-wracking moment when Adams hesitated as she told Clark, "I love you, but...," trailing off into a big pause. "I was so nervous that I paused, but then I kind of blacked out, I forgot that I was pausing for so long," she recalls of the moment. "I lost my train of thought. Those were all very genuine, authentic feelings, but it kind of gave me a heart attack almost," she recalls. "I tend to pause sometimes in conversation," Zac jokes. "I think she was getting me back!"

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"For me, I really tried to act as if there were no cameras there, as if I was courting someone in the real world," Clark says. "We're both being authentic and honest and truthful with each other." Their families "are ecstatic," Adams says. "We were able to FaceTime each family after the engagement and they were so happy for us. Soon enough we'll be able to all celebrate together."

The couple is doing Christmas and New Year's in New York and will later visit her family in California. "We're going to be bicoastal. We're a newly engaged couple and we're living that for a little bit," she says. Have they planned the wedding? "We've definitely discussed it," Adams tells CHICA. "The reality is we're going to have some fun in the next couple of months, enjoy this moment, and then we'll probably get more serious about the wedding conversation as we get to the middle of the year," Clark adds.

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Finding Mr. Right on television was a surreal experience. "I feel like our love story played out and it wasn't just one moment, it was a multitude of things. It took us by surprise and it was very powerful," Tayshia says. "We are both people that are very open-minded and we believe in love," adds Clark. "I'm excited to plan our family and be in a relationship with Tayshia."

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Do they want kids soon? "Maybe not so soon — when the time is right it will happen," Adams says. Reflecting on finding love during the 2020 pandemic, Clark says: "I think this was a gift. The entire world was shut down and we had this amazing opportunity that we were blessed with, to go to this amazing resort and be surrounded by amazing people and fall in love with each other. We couldn't ask for anything more."

Adams is grateful for the way they are wrapping up 2020. "This year has been very heavy for everyone," she says. "It was a year of growth for a lot of us." Looking back at her experience on The Bachelorette, she concludes: "At times it was hard just because there was so much going on and there were so many relationships going on, but at the end of the day, we're together and we're very happy."