Karol G Tests Positive for Coronavirus

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Karol G Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Karol G and Anuel AA both got tested for COVID-19, and the Colombian singer, 29, tested positive, while her fiancé, the Puerto Rican trap star, 27, did not, according to EFE. The power couple took the test in Miami, where they both live. Karol has reportedly left the home she shared with Anuel AA and is temporarily in self-quarantine to avoid infecting loved ones.

"About two weeks, almost three weeks ago, I realized I have COVID," she said in an Instagram Live video. "I didn't want to make it public for many reasons. My parents were far away from me and I didn't want anyone to worry." The singer's family panicked when they found out the news: "My parents were in a chaos, they got really nervous."

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A source close to the couple, who asked not to be identified, told EFE: "Karol G has no idea how she got sick. She has been very careful, initially respecting the quarantine, and then the social distancing guidelines and the use of masks." The source added that Karol "has been feeling quite bad. The singer recently released her new song "Ay, DiOs Mío!" but didn't do heavy promotion due to her health. In her Instagram Live video, Karol said she didn't want the news of her illness to take attention away from her new single. "It was really difficult, really painful," she said, but assured fans that she is recovering and just took another test that she hopes will come back negative.

Karol confirmed that Anuel tested negative and that they agreed to separate physically until she recovers. She says Anuel visited her a few times, but they only talked through a glass. "Thanks to everyone who worried about my health," she said. "I just want to tell you to please take care of yourselves. This is a reality."

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In June, Anuel shared the news that his grandparents had tested positive for COVID-19. The singer, who just released his new album Emmanuel, vowed to donate money for coronavirus relief. "I just got some really sad news," he said on Instagram Stories. "My grandma and grandpa tested positive for coronavirus. I know there are a lot of families suffering for that same reason. And that's why I made this decision: All the profits this month from the sale of Emmanuel and all the videos and merch will go directly to a foundation that helps patients and families who are battling COVID-19."

Other Latinx celebs like bachata singer Prince Royce and Mexican American singers Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez have also shared the news that they have tested positive for coronavirus, and have been urging fans to follow all precautions to stay healthy and safe.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the official website of the CDC.

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