Sexual Desire Got You Down? Gwyneth Paltrow Just Launched the Solution

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Sexual Desire Got You Down? Gwyneth Paltrow Just Launched the Solution

Gwyneth Paltrow is putting the oh! in orgasms with the launch of a new supplement aimed at helping women take control of their sexual health.

According to Goop—the wellness and lifestyle brand and company founded by the actress—the supplement, named "DTF" (Down to F**k), was designed to support women's sexual desire, arousal, and mood.

"We're not ashamed to say we want help shifting our sex drive into gear. We also know we're not alone: Everyday stress and anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, and fatigue can all impact female libido and sexual health," the company said on Instagram. "So we asked our science and research team to create something to help address some of those common physiological roadblocks to desire. They made DTF: a daily supplement formulated to support women's sexual desire, arousal, and mood. It's not just about sex—it's about supporting our pursuit of more pleasure, more often."

Courtesy of Goop/Instagram

The supplement contains a vegan, plant-based formula without hormones, GMOs, gluten, or soy. Its key ingredients include Libifem®, fenugreek extract, Shatavari, and saffron.

"Everyday stress and anxiety, hormonal changes, exhaustion, age…these can impact our libido and sexual health," Paltrow wrote on her Instagram. "So yes, we (with our science and research team) created a supplement that REALLY helps and, yes, we called it DTF. Because, you know, we're @goop…💋#feelmorepleasure."

Paltrow has long been an advocate for feminine sexual health. Last year as part of the six-part Netflix series The Goop Lab, the company shared an episode called "The Pleasure is Ours," which focused on the female orgasm.

Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow

"Talking about sex (and sex toys) is certainly a responsibility we've had some fun with over the years," the company says on their website regarding the episode. "So when we set out to explore female pleasure on The Goop Lab, we had already asked a lot of questions about sexual health. As it turns out, we had no right to be cocky."

DTF is now available for purchase on Goop's website.

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