5 Recipe Apps That'll Have You Cooking Like a Master Chef

Finding the perfect recipe can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Do you go with a simple and easy sheet pan recipe or do you venture out and do something more experimental?

Whether you're craving a dessert or something that's on the healthy side, the below five apps will have you whipping up recipes like a master chef.

In this week's #APPsolutely, People Chica is highlighting five apps that will up your cooking game in the greatest of ways.

1. Forks Plant-Based Recipes (iOS & Android) $4.99

With 2022 on the horizon, everyone is looking to try some healthier recipes to kick off the year right. This plant-based recipe app by Forks Over Knives is the perfect place to look up delicious vegan twists for classic dishes like meatballs, cheese sticks and more.

2. Big Oven (iOS & Android) Free

This recipe app is a one-stop-shop kind of app that allows you to find recipes, create shopping lists and help set up a meal plan. Added bonus? The app also wants to help you reduce food waste.

3. Yummly (iOS & Android) Free

Yummly wants to help make cooking easy and smart. In addition to personalizing your eating experience based on your food preferences, each Yummly recipe gives you a calorie and nutrition breakdown so that you know exactly what's in your food.

You can also connect it to the Yummly Smart Thermometer (sold separately) to help you gage internal cooking temps from your phone.

4. Cookpad (iOS & Android) Free

Cookpad is the perfect app for those looking to share and cook more homey recipes. The app allows for users to upload their signature family recipes with ease.

5. SideChef (iOS & Android) Free

SideChef was created with the goal of making complex recipes simple. This is the perfect app for beginner cooks who want to make delicious meals but are little rusty with "chef jargon" like blanching, basting and mincing. It features goodies like built-in timers, hands-free voice command options and step-by-step photos.