Selena Gomez Launches Rare Beauty, Her New Makeup Line

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Mira la casa de Selena Gomez vendió por $2.7 millones

Mira la casa de Selena Gomez vendió por $2.7 millones

On Thursday, singer Selena Gomez became a beauty entrepreneur with the release of her new makeup line Rare Beauty, which she describes as "makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique."

The new line is now available at Sephora and on the Rare Beauty website. Gomez told People that she spent two years working on the collection. "I spent two years designing and working with chemists and dermatologists, and it's just something that I'm super, super proud of," she said. "But I'm not here to be like, 'Oh, I'm an expert [or] to be competitive.' I really just want to be a part of the community."

The new line includes a variety of colors for every skin tone. "We have 48 shades for our concealer and our foundation, and our blush and luminizer has all of these different colors that complement every skin color," she said. "That was really important to me."

In addition to offering a wide selection of products, the 28-year-old wants her line to offer a way for her fans to enhance their own beauty rather than hide it with makeup. "It can feel like a lot. You feel like you have to look a certain way or be a certain way," she shared. For her birthday in July, she started the Rare Impact Fund, which is dedicated to raising $100 million in 10 years to help underserved communities get mental health treatment.

"Sometimes girls and boys will just say, 'No, I shouldn't ...' or 'I don't know ...," she said. "I know I have, and I just thought this is a way to be a part of the beauty community and say, 'Hey, I don't know what I'm doing that much, but I'm practicing and learning and you can, too!'"

She created the line with the goal that her fans can create both full-face looks and quick, easy touch-ups. "I work with people who actually spend hours doing makeup and my line is made for that," she explained. "But at the same time if I'm just gonna go somewhere really quick, I'll put on the foundation, concealer, maybe my brow — and I'm off!"