Exclusive: Chiquis Rivera Breaks Her Silence About Her Divorce and Says She's "Open to Love"

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Exclusive: Chiquis Rivera Breaks Her Silence About Her Divorce and Says She's "Open to Love"


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On the night of September 29, Chiquis Rivera went to bed crying, with a broken heart. "I was suffering in my personal life," she says. Days before, the Mexican American star announced she was divorcing singer Lorenzo Mendez. The furthest thing from her mind were the Latin Grammy nominations, which where about to be announced. "I had forgotten about the nominations because of everything that was going on."

Her friend and assistant called her with good news. "She said I was nominated," Chiquis recalls. The singer, 35, started jumping on her bed from excitement after hearing that her album Playlist had gotten a nod for Best Banda Album. "I went to bed feeling sad and I woke up crying, but from joy," she says.

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Her music, her family, and her faith has helped Chiquis see the light at the end of the tunnel during this difficult time. "The truth is I'm feeling very peaceful," she shares. "I obviously have my days where I miss him a lot because I got married thinking it would be for the rest of my life. It didn't work out and that brings me a lot of sadness. It's been very difficult to live through a divorce and have to do it in front of the entire world, facing criticism and all of that. I am at peace because I know who I am and what I did in that relationship."

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Devoting herself to her career has lifted her spirits. Her latest single is "Me Vale," a new cumbia and trap version of the popular song released by Mexican rock band Maná in the '90s. "It's the perfect song [to say], 'I don't care what's happening, I'm going to live my life the way I want,'" she says. The music video shows Chiquis partying with friends Victoria 'La Mala' Ortiz and Helen Ochoa, and includes a fun cameo by singer Larry Hernandez.

The savvy entrepreneur also has her own line of makeup, Be Flawless, and published her cookbook Chiquis Keto this year. "The truth is I'm feeling really good. I am open to love, but right now is very important to heal certain wounds."

Jenni Rivera's daughter also says she will learn from her mistakes. "I ignored many signals. I have to be a bit more careful, keep more to myself, be a little wiser, and not give it all so soon," she says.

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"I was a very good wife and I'm still his wife, but we are going through a divorce process, and I feel that is the best for both of us even if it's painful," she adds. Chiquis says she will not get back together with Mendez even if she misses him. "It hurts me so much to say it, but after what happened, there is no turning back." She hopes Lorenzo can be happy again. "I wish him all the best. I pray for him every day, I ask God to enlighten him," she adds, crying. "I send him love and lots of light every morning. He is someone who was — and still is — very important in my life."

Her loved ones have been a great source of support. She plans to spend Christmas at her abuelita's house and perhaps go on vacation with her siblings for New Year's. "I love being with my family," she says. "It's what gives me strength." After news of her divorce went public, Chiquis has tried not to let criticism from strangers get to her. "My family and my friends know the truth about everything," she says. "That's what gives me peace."

She admits that not having Lorenzo close to her during this uncertain time, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent election turmoil, has been hard. "Not having my husband by my side has affected me," she says. "Now I'm holding tighter to God's hand." She also misses Lorenzo's daughter, Victoria, with whom she had a great relationship. "I miss her, I love that girl very much," she says of her former stepdaughter. "That has been really difficult for me."

Although her divorce has been a painful journey, the singer is hopeful about her future. "I know God has something great in store for me. Now I'm giving myself time, I want to focus on myself," she says. Chiquis adds that she is currently single but still open to love. She says "many men" have courted her, but she has been honest and said she needed time on her own to heal. "I have to love myself," she says. "I want to be a better version of myself before getting involved with someone else."